Vegetarian Supplies

Vegetarians can easily survive in Manila if you know where to get your supplies. And supplies I mean vegemeat, frozen items you can use to recreate caldereta, menudo etc. Here are a few places I frequently visit:

1. Polomi in Quirino Avenue cor San Marcelino – specializes in frozen vegetarian products from Taiwan. There’s a vegetarian version for chicken, beef, shrimp, fish (salmon), burger. Ideal for starting vegetarians or if you want to add flavor to your cooking. They also have veg mutton which is a good flavor enhancer to stewed dishes. Try their salted roasted “chicken”. Great to cook pininyahang manok with.

2. Vegetarian stores along G Masangkay Street Binondo – G Masangkay street is quite near the 168-999 area of Binondo coming from Soler. There are two vegetarian stores in this street. One is Happy Veggie close to Soler, a restaurant and veg supply store, and the other is on the far end of the street (Sorry I forgot their name) a canteen type of eatery with a wide selection of vegetarian supplies including veg noodles and sauces. They also sell really nice, freshly made, firm tofu.

3. Varona Healthfood – the Varonas are truly dedicated nutritionists who study the effect of food on the body. Varona sells homemade cutlets and vege chunks for use in dishes like bistek and lengua. They also have a small eatery where you can order bbq, tocino etc. They sell ground soy coffee and they make very good soy milk – fresh daily!

Will be adding to the list as we go along.

Manila review also featured addresses and contact numbers of other vegetarian places and restaus. Hindi talaga magugutom ang vegetarian sa Manila!


EGO check

Got any lcd, led, crt tv or an old dvd, mp3 player you want to revive? Need to have your remote control checked or repaired? Microwave oven busted? Need advise on your electronics – whether it is worth saving or not? Ed of EGO Audio Video is open even on Sundays to check your devices, and repair it for an affordable price. Ive brought CD players, dvds, remote controls to Ed for many years and I was never disappointed. Mr Ed (shown in the pic) was a technical guy back at Sony in the earlier days and had also trained in Japan. The shop used to be located at along zobel roxas but had transferred here at arellano street since the old place had been demolished.