The laptop guy

They called themselves I first found them on olx while searching for alternative repair shops for my old 2006 white macbook. before retiring the old macbook i had sent it to another shop down at cash n carry and also at the pc mall in new manila. The price for updating hardrive, ram and installing new class a battery was a bit too much for me as i wasn’t sure how much longer i would keep the old macbook. the price range was between 8-11K depending on the repair shop.

Cut to I called the number on the site and discovered that it was still active. A man named robert said that they had already moved out of their mall shop but that he still does repairs from home – in Blumentritt… near Chinese General Hospital. Having vague memories of Dangwa, Chinese Gen, Laong-laan and UST, i decided to give him a visit. I was a bit nervous as i’ve never had to drive to a stranger’s home before – some more in the Blumentritt area.

After getting lost in the ghettos i finally found his place (easier to find if you come from quezon city). His repair shop is the humble garage turned  laptop repair shop. One deskm, two display cabinets for stocks and lots of screw drivers of all sizes.

Robert does a lot of laptop repairs – there were about a dozen lined up behind his desk. He patiently removed all the screws (I didnt realize there were soooo many for a macbook), and after negotiating for a new hard drive (sealed Samsung), a second-hand ram, a new class-a battery – we came to an agreement Php5500 all in! And I just have to add extra Php500 for iOS installation.

Now, the macbook is running well, and even faster than my i-MAC. Old reliable restored at a price i was most happy to spend. Best of all, i found a new talent i could recommend to friends who still find good use for their old laptops.

We could all easily just bring our gadgets to the macshops and certainly it makes sense to bring it to the manufacturer – but after discovering that even apple laptops are made by other parties (hard drive by toshiba, ram is by kingston, DVD rom by panasonic, mother board by Asus) i realize all i need is a skilled, reliable computer guy to repair my computer.

There is another solution and the solution is practical, affordable and as reliable.

Mr Robert can be contacted at 0919 6371414 or (02) 4403969. His shop is at 2449 Karapatan Street Blumetritt Manila


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